Pushed: Turning Adversity Into Advantage

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Thu, Nov 14, , pm - pm CST. Join us for an evening sharing stories and lessons in mental health, employment, finances, business and nutrition. Join us for an evening of encouragement, inspiration and empowerment. We will have finger-food, bubbly and other beverages and a fun assortment of raffle items think facials, coffee, hair and nail services!

School of Greatness by Lewis Howes ⎮ Book Review

Mindy Henderson is a motivational speaker and writer in Austin, TX. Living life from a wheelchair, the challenges she has overcome have pushed her to achieve great success and now make her uniquely qualified to motivate others.

Despite living life from a wheelchair, on her list of credits are:. This will serve Joe just fine as all he really needs is enough guidance to plan accordingly for the next few days. But what if our average Joe is more than average professionally?

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What if he runs a business where he makes critical decisions based on the current state of his customers, assets, and personnel? If so, then this general understanding will not suffice. Leading organizations address challenging weather situations head on by utilizing the most up to date weather information as it relates to their business. While they realize controlling Mother Nature is out of the question, they take both proactive and reactive measures to limit its impact.

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The best organizations even welcome disruptive weather as a means to stimulate growth while their competition runs damage control. If all of this is true, then why aren't more businesses taking advantage of weather?

In short, turning weather information into usable weather data - at the enterprise level - is really, really hard. At its core, weather information has 3 key components: 1. A spatial relationship - all weather varies as geography and climate varies; 2. A temporal relationship — weather is constantly changing; and 3.

Home United coach Aidil: Turn adversity into advantage

It has taken centuries to build out technology robust enough to capture all 3 of these components simultaneously. We went to the moon and created the internet before mankind could conceive what we now know as Pulse-Doppler Radar or at least in trustworthy forms. Doppler, along with newer techniques for precision weather detection such as cell towers and micro-sensors, will only improve as infrastructure and technology continues to push forward.

This, however, does not make consuming weather information any easier. A web map streaming weather radar - as you might find online or on your TV - is showing merely an image of what is happening or about to happen.

It paints a very nice picture, but it's not data in a format that supports manipulation, queries, or any sort of spatial analytics. Professional Joe needs some serious automation and precision in order to deploy an effective weather strategy that accounts for space, time, and millions of unique locations.

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An enterprise solution that solves for the requirements above needs to capture the core complexities of weather while delivering on the modern demands of business technology. It should have a user friendly, self-service interface; it should provide an on-demand answer when and where it's applicable to the end user; and it should come in the form of cleansed, organized data which can immediately blend with business data for operational use.

In a perfect world, the business user should be able to submit a list of locations, a time frame of interest, and perils of interest.

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Simple as that. While it is not very simple, nor is it a perfect world, I am proud to be a part of an innovative team working tirelessly to turn this vision into a reality.

Turn Adversity into Advantage

A lot has been learned about weather, handling real-time data, business technology, and the intersection of it all. It is inspiring to hear what business leaders could accomplish if this service existed, and in some cases, it is more than just money on the line. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bridge the gap between Mother Nature and the modern organization. Get Involved There's more to experience when you log in!