Valentines for Doomy: A Collection of Stories

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But this brutish beauty gave Soundgarden a lock on the "Led Zeppelin for the Nineties" crown. A heavy-metal band with punk-rock nobility and no time for lemon-squeezin' corn, guitarist Kim Thayil, bassist Ben Shepherd and drummer Matt Cameron hammer Chris Cornell's vocal anguish in "Fell on Black Days," "Black Hole Sun" and "Like Suicide" into brilliantly warped power-thump sculpture.

Motley Crue, Misfits, Muse + More Announced for ‘WWE 2K20′ Soundtrack

It's rare when forty years into a career, an artist unleashes an indisputable masterpiece. Johnny Cash pulled it off, though. American Recordings was the brainchild of Cash and producer Rick Rubin, who had the genius to recognize that Cash's incomparable voice alone with an acoustic guitar and a clutch of great songs was a can't-miss proposition. American Recordings is stark, stirring and, at times, even funny. Best of all it restored a master to much-deserved pre-eminence. The nice guys finished first.

Queens-born and -bred A Tribe Called Quest brought you egoless hip-hop that let you dance to their smooth, jazzy sounds, chock with horns and upright bass and chill alongside their laid-back attitude. His distinct nasal voice light and delicious, his liquid flow as warm and comforting as an electric blanket, his natural charisma shining through the speakers, Q-Tip makes The Low End Theory feel like an easy conversation with an old friend. The nineteen tracks on Being There are spread across two CDs — a sound aesthetic decision. Each disc functions as a self-contained entity digestible in a single forty-minute sitting.

Together, both halves aspire to the nervy sprawl of double-album predecessors such as London Calling and Exile on Main Street , records that forged unified personal statements out of a bewildering variety of styles. Being There is a product of ambitious versatility, particularly in the string-band textures conjured by multi-instrumentalist Max Johnston and the pliant rhythms of bassist John Stirratt and drummer Ken Coomer. Dre—produced album, which earned Em respect, fortune, fame and a lawsuit from his mom.

Trent Reznor has the shock-antic instincts of an old Hollywood B-movie producer. He made publicity hay out of the fact that part of this album was recorded in the L. Having shed one persona after another for more than three decades, Bob Dylan finally found one he could embrace: brokedown, death-haunted bluesman.

That sets the tone for the ten songs that follow, a night journey that's all roads and no destination, all outskirts and no town. The sad-eyed man of "Highlands," a swirling sixteen-minute epic, is still moving, however, as the album ends, desperate to elude the reaper, nearly out of his mind with weariness, nearly out of time. Millions of us made time to listen to Billie Joe Armstrong whine as he and his band of Bay Area punk snots won America's heart with fast guitars, bouncy drums and the fakest English accents ever recorded. Their hits fit together like a stack of Pringles: "Basket Case" takes off with a case of the creeps and a melody that plays tricks on you, while "Longview" and "When I Come Around" vent the usual teen spirit with groovy hooks that the Bay City Rollers would have appreciated.

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Green Day took the booming Cali-punk revival to middle America: Cuter than Muppets, funnier than Weird Al, Green Day showed no signs of growing up here — which made their later transformation into politically charged arena-rockers that much more remarkable. Rhymes about drug dealing, project living, beef and martial arts. Furious flows that roar through speakers like controlled screaming. The Wu create an air of wildness that promised violence to anyone who challenged them and to some who didn't. A generation of fans memorized every word.

Madonna finally gets back into the groove, rocking the dance beats that made her a star in the first place, for her most shamelessly disco album since You Can Dance. Madonna's rhythm resurrection sounds like some kind of spiritual transformation, and since it accompanied her discovery of yoga and motherhood, it probably was. Gunning de la Rocha's incantatory rapping with rib-rattling slam, Rage Against the Machine get hot and nasty about authority with acute lyric detail and stunning force. Rage Against the Machine 's mix of radical politics and headbanging kicks was a startling anomaly amid the self-absorbed ennui of the Year Grunge Broke.

How to live through (and enjoy) a flaming good row: LET'S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF

But the album's commercial success was a crucial reaffirmation of rock's potency as a weapon of protest. Straight from hip-hop's legendary Queensbridge, New York, projects to the studio, with an oven-roasted voice, butter flow, man-child eyes and a pure love of the music, streetwise intellectual Nas raised the bar on Nineties MC'ing. One of the decade's strangest hits, Sublime came out shortly after the death of singer-guitarist Bradley Nowell but kept spinning off one hit after another, with a loose, friendly California-pop sound inflected by ska, dub, punk and folk.

These Long Beach riddim kings get sloppy but keep the tempo chugging, especially in the head-spinning acoustic skank of "What I Got," which somehow fuses the English Beat with the Grateful Dead. The success of Sublime was a compliment to Nowell's memory and an even bigger compliment to his rhythm section. Pavement channeled the spirit of Buddy Holly through one of Lou Reed's blown amps, bringing miles of style to an indie-rock scene starved for a little romance.

Stephen Malkmus had the songs to turn this homemade tape of art-punk guitar fuzz into a full-blown California fantasy of girls and boys dreaming big on the ridge where summer ends. Slanted and Enchanted is the sound of sweet suburban boys who loved the Velvet Underground without ever wondering what "The Black Angel's Death Song" meant, and once Malkmus murmured the words "sha la la" without a trace of irony, out-of-tune guitars would never be the same.

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But Siamese Dream — co-produced with Butch Vig, fresh from Nirvana's Nevermind — is Corgan's idealized, super-hands-on version of the full band's soaring, angst-spiked psychedelia. The Pumpkins ' glorious onstage expansions of "Silverfuck" were proof enough that Corgan couldn't do it all on his own. That the album remains one of alt-rock's most enduring documents is down to Corgan's acute commercial vision — the way he dolled up the confessional indulgence of "Today" and "Disarm" in heavy-Seventies pop lace — and the sheer power of the playing.

No matter who did what. Blessed with impressive pedigree he was the son of the Sixties folk-pop icon Tim Buckley and a voice of great range and deep character, Jeff Buckley was cursed with a perfectionist's streak.

Buckley had scrapped one stab at a second album and was gearing up to start over when he drowned in a freak accident in Memphis in May , leaving Grace as the only studio album completed to his satisfaction in his brief lifetime. But it is a rich legacy: the transportive blend of serpentine guitars and Buckley's melismatic singing in "Mojo Pin" and "Grace"; the garage-band swagger and velvet pathos of "Last Goodbye" and "So Real"; the way Buckley turns Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" into delicate, personal prayer.

A wonderful record, aptly titled. An enormously gifted artist, gone too soon. According to the script, Radiohead were supposed to disappear after their fluky smash "Creep," leaving only fond memories of Thom Yorke's Martin Short—after-electroshock yodel and that wukku-wukku guitar hook. The depressive ballad "Fake Plastic Trees" turned up in Clueless , in which Alicia Silverstone memorably tags the band as "complaint rock"; in big-bang dystopian epics like "High and Dry," Yorke's choirboy whimper runs laps around Jonny Greenwood's machinehead guitar heroics.

U2 would have sold crack to nuns to make this record.

Possession & Spite / ​Possession & Venefixion - Splits

In the immortal words of Mick Jagger, the change has come. Liz Phair took indie rock under her thumb with Exile in Guyville , firing off wisecracks, obscenities, pickup lines and confessions. She could crack you up and break your heart in the same song, sounding intimate without ever really giving her secrets away. Phair's dry Peppermint Patty mumble fit into a swirl of watery guitar frazzle and percussion as the melodies swam around in your head all summer long.

It took the Chili Peppers seven years, four albums and a few rough turns of the personnel merry-go-round to perfect the savory schizophrenia captured on Blood Sugar Sex Magik , the Los Angeles band's quadruple-platinum home run.

The long hard road out of Hell - Doom (1993)

An album of honest drama — and you can mosh to it. Named after a slogan used in an Athens, Georgia, soul-food restaurant, Automatic for the People is a feast of Southern Gothic pop, combining the gossamer intricacies of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and the singalong wallop of the Beatles' Abbey Road. At the height of alt-rock, former undergrounders R. It established Jay as the premier freestyle rapper of his generation and includes a filthy seventeen-year-old Foxy Brown on "Ain't No Nigga. The speed metalheads were barking, "Sellout! But in slowing the tempos down from dizzy to primal, in choosing meaty presence over mere velocity in the riffing, Metallica made a record of durable, mature violence — not to mention the biggest metal album of the decade.

And don't let the orchestration and James Hetfield's thoughtful growl on "Nothing Else Matters" fool you: Metallica didn't turn into power-ballad suckers; they simply created a ballad with power. It's not that the performances on Car Wheels on a Gravel Road aren't first-rate — they are. It's just that when you start with songs this impressive, it's hard to go wrong.

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Lucinda Williams had done strong work before, but it all came together here. From the openhearted yearning of "Right in Time" to the surrealist country funk of "Joy," she runs a gamut of styles and themes, handling each with authority and ease. You don't arrive in your mid-forties without stories to tell — Williams' are riveting in every detail.

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Ill communication puts a little polish on the mishmash of Check Your Head; the Beasties freewheel from hardcore punk thrash to jazzy cool-downs for an album with more action than John Woo and mad hits like Rod Carew. The Boys loosen up on their instruments, especially in the subzero cool of "Transitions. At a time when most rock veterans were stagnating, Tom Petty and producer Rick Rubin made Wildflowers , the most organic, cohesive record of Petty's career. Compared with the pleasingly slick textures of Petty's work with Jeff Lynne on 's Full Moon Fever and 's Into the Great Wide Open , there is a timeless grace and folky subtlety to the material here, including the haunting title track, the soulful stoner rock of "You Don't Know How It Feels" and the orchestral delicacy of "Wake Up Time.

Featuring joyous, bass-happy party funk dotted with tight horn lines, Outkast 's third album captures Big Boi and Andre rollicking like the church choir in full effect. With their drawled-out voices, neighborhood slang and cascading sheets of words, they put permanently to bed all questions about serious MC'ing on the South Coast.

Atlanta's reputation as hip-hop's most avant-garde area code — the Long Island of the Nineties — was cemented. Pavement 's second full-length was less quirky and diffuse than their first and even yielded their career's only modest hit, "Cut Your Hair. The Woody Guthrie of the Pizza Hut proves he can do it all on Odelay , as the Dust Brothers slip him a funky cold medina and set the stage for him to get real, real gone for a change.

Beck shimmies in and out of his musical guises, whether he's strumming his folky guitar in "Ramshackle," rocking the Catskills hip-hop style in "Where It's At" or blaming it on the bossa nova in "Readymade.

Happy Valentine's Day | Black Snow Comics

Season: 1. The Devil changes the rules in this one case. Add Image. S1, Ep4.